Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Phase!

Well... If you knew me and you knew this blog before I am sure that you are aware that I haven't post here since long time ago. Maybe more than five years. We could say I was in a creative crisis and I haven't anything to say to the world. Now, I am beginning to have the sensation of express my ideas to world again. However, I would like to do it in English that is a different language as I was doing before and it is not my mother tongue (my mother tongue is Spanish). I am switching all of the parts of my life to the English language. My goal is that English will be my main language for the rest of my life. Does mean that I am not going to speak Spanish again? NO! I still speaking Spanish with that spanish speakers that don't speak English, but I prefer to address to everybody in English. I am very sure that English is the language of the future, the language of the world and for that reason I would like to know it as good as possible. 

As you probably know too, I am living in Umeå, Sweden, right now where I have move looking for new interesting professional opportunities and looking for the wisdom of the nordics at work. Basically, I have come here to learn. 

I think that it is enough for my first post after haven't been posting for such time. I hope that in few days I will post again. 
See you, soon! 

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